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Sunday, May 25, 2008
It is funny to see the type of iPod derivative products people invent.
So you remember the iJam? True, this was just a big buzz.
But now, and for real, here is the iCondom! Just excellent :-) lol.
A super advanced condom that icludes the iMemory!
"It is the high-tech product once and for all will relieve you of ideas about possible erectile dysfunction during the coitus and your possible fiasco. This condom is made of latex of the special formula which possesses effect of memory. It is enough to you to put on a condom right at the beginning of the coitus on standing penis and after that you can forget about possible weakening of erection during the coitus. Latex with effect of memory will remember and you will repeat the greatest possible sizes of your penis during your erection and even if your erection will weaken during the coitus your partner never will notice it. You will not be tormented with ideas of your inconsistency, and special greasing which is located on an internal surface of a condom, will help you to return quickly enough your erection to necessary values. "
And for sure, have a look at the comments on the iLight, the iFood, and the incredible iTree: an extract of the Amazonian "Crying Tree" providing greasing for anal sex!


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