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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Do you remember Maryam?
I'm sure you do :-)
I first met her last month of March in Marrakesh (obviously), and we even recorded a nice podcast. Nice one. :-)

Well, I was in Marrakesh last week, and we met again by pure coincidence, at the same place, the Kechmara, where she was preparing a feature on her blog & her universe in Marrakesh, with Dana and Ahmed from Associated Press Television News (APTN) - I am really looking forward to it, this should be aired on various channels!
We then agreed to meet again the day after, so we went to the very special Le Café du Livre (I really like this place, nice coffee shop & restaurant, bookstore, wifi connection, and so different from the too many-hyper-trendy-tasteless-must see-must be seen-crowded places of Marrakesh). And as I unfortunately did not have my little video camera, I rather though going for a Chinese Portrait.
Here we are:

I you were a book, you would be...?
The Caliph's House, by Tahir Shah.
An animal?
A Peacock (no surprise Maryam!)
A flower?
Peony (Maryam now I know what this is: "pivoine")
A country?
Morocco (I was not expecting less)
A holidays spot?
An island in Thaïland
A piece of furniture?
A chair

A piece of art?
A Painting
A music?
Jazz - Norah Jones
A movie?
Les deux frères
A regret?
Not having started the current "adventures" sooner
A dish?

A noise?
The sound of my daughters laughing

A swearword?

See you soon!


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