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Saturday, June 17, 2006
I landed in Athens on Friday late evening to discover and enjoy the city with my muse during the week-end (I'm working in Athens the coming week).
I had a very funny chat with the taxi driver who was taking me from the Airport to Athens downtown.
Excerpt of the chat:
Taxi Driver: And how many inhabitants do you have in Barcelona?
Me: Well, Intra Muros, I believe around 3 millions, but if we consider the whole urban area, let's say around 3,5 millions.
TD: Officially 4, but we are 6, including 1 million immigrants.
Me: Not bad. And from where do the immigrants come?
TD: "Well, from everywhere my friend, unfortunately"
Me: "Why unfortunately, I think it's an asset to be a cosmopolitan city".
TD: " NO, IT IS NOT! We have many problems with them!"
Me: "Such as?"
TD: "Let me explain to you my friend. We have a lot of Indians and Pakistanis, but there are not really a problem as they kill each other, you know because of the Kasmir, but they leave the Greeks in peace. No the real problem comes from the people from Asia, such as the Chinese, the Indonesians, the Malaysians, and we also have some africans from Ethiopia or Egypt. The muslims I don't like them. There are too many".
Me: "And what about the Turks?
TD: "... (silence)... what is that the Turks? It does not exist the Turks (laughing). Well, yes there are some in Greece.... Maybe 50 (laughing again)".
Me: "Is there any non-Greek that you like?"
TD: "Listen my friend, I like everyone, except the Turks."

Nice introduction, isn't it? :-)

Well, we went sightseeing briefly in the Plaka area, very nice indeed, but on Saturday we really appreciated the city. We started the day strolling in the Central Market. Crowded, noisy, but a very friendly atmosphere. However without the real genuine touch one could be expecting as Plasma LG screens in their dozens were hanged above each aisle of the market.
Hereafter you will have an idea.

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At 6/19/2006 03:15:00 PM, Blogger Loula la nomade

Salut Amine,

Tu sais, il y a un Marocain à Athènes qui est non seulement philosophe, mais aussi TD. Too bad you didn't meet him cause he is a great great guy.
Enjoy Greece!


At 6/22/2006 01:56:00 AM, Anonymous Bsima

J'aimerai bien retourner me dorer sur une ile avec un bel apollon :)

Enjoy ur trip :)



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