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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
In AgentProvocateur.com.
4 dreams by Mike Figgis

Do you believe in the Freudian dream? Balloons as erections, peaches as breasts, phallic umbrellas…

MF: I find the strict symbolic interpretation almost comedic sometimes: like every woman wanting to fuck her father. That may well be true but there is such a superficial layer to all of that! I want to say you’ve got that far, but do you want to go further? What does it really mean?

What do you consider to be a sexy or sensual image of a woman in a dream?

MF: For me, it’s a theatrical issue. The clichéd corset, black stockings, suspenders and heels are attractive. There is however a Burlesque element and so the sensuality diminishes. Sexiness is really about light or the absence of it. For example, the Agent Provocateur series of shorts were shot without artificial lights. One important rule is that the implied is ten times stronger than the explicit. There are two ways of looking at this in the domain of female sexuality: Are you wearing it because your guy thinks it’s going to be sexy? Or are you wearing it because you want to manipulate your own sexuality? It seems that if you leave it to woman it’s a bit subtler. The thing about sexuality is that it’s an interestingly dark area of our psychology and so surely that’s how you want to portray it. Miss X explores some of that in her own way…


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