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Monday, March 26, 2007
Starbucks' international growth is picking up steam. A couple of weeks ago, its CEO Jim Donald announced the opening of 40'ooo new stores worldwide within four years, half of them outside the USA. This means grosso modo 6 new coffee shops and 350 new employees (net balance or shall we deduct those regularly laid off?) per day.

To be honest, I am quite amazed by its success outside the USA, in particular in the "Old Europe" that knows what good coffee is. For sure, Starbucks sells good cold and hot drinks containing coffee... but this ain't coffee!

In Spain, where so many people enjoy going to the traditional bar and have a café solo, a cortado and other typical drinks where the authentic taste of coffee beans is revealed, I wouldn't expect to see so many consumers making a dash for it, all the less since one cannot even smoke inside and the cup's price is the triple of a regular one at any bar!

I am definitely not a target, and still get suprised how it makes such a fast buck.

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