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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I will come back pretty soon on this short stay in Moscow.
Short story however from last Tuesday.
I met by coïncidence Sasha, head of the salesforce of the company we went to work with, at the lobby of my hotel arount 9:00 PM before going out for dinner close to the Red Square with my fellow peers.
- Hey Amine, I didn't know you were staying at this hotel. What's up? Going out?
- I'm just waiting for the guys to go out for dinner. We shall go to the Red Square.
- Have you been there already?
- Yeah... very very nice... I came here on Friday actually to sightsee a bit in Moscow. I really enjoyed the week end. I went to the Kremlin, the St-Basil Cathedral and I even went to visit the Lenin Mausoleum!
- Lenin Mausoleum? Pwah! I have never been there and I will never go there. It's because of this bastard that my grand father had been killed. May he be damned!
What a heavy silence afterwards...
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