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Friday, October 20, 2006
Too busy with a substantial workload after my summer break, it took me some time to catch up with what was going on lately on Video On Demand (VOD), which I consider to be one of the coming gooses that lay the golden egg.
Surfing on Rodrigo A. Sepúlveda Schulz's blog, I found out that the succesful Glowria website of Mihai Crasneanu (take a look at his profile on Linkedin) is now also offering VOD services
. Do you remember the two funds raising of € 4,5 M and € 4 M with Mousse Partners and SPEF Venture e-Fund?
The strategic alliances achieved with Cegetel (second largest ADSL provider in France), Fnac (largest retail business in France, 100 stores, largest e-commerce site in France, presence in 6 countries) and Intel propel Glowria to one of the top leading VOD broadcasting companies in Europe. After having strengthened the content of its offer (movies), Glowria is now leveraging new means to spread its wing. I'm taking my hat off to this!
Here is a video (Creative Commons, thank you!) of Mihai early October at the ETRE'06 in Barcelona (The European Technology Roundtable Exhibition, October 8-11) that was posted by Rodrigo on his blog. This is a very interesting presentation of Glowria's new VOD services.
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